Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update

2010 Growing Season
The growing season is moving fast in North America!  As spring sets in, fields are drying out from the long winter.  Farm work has begun, and the first rice seed will be planted late this week and early next by the commercial growers with whom Valley is collaborating.

Weed Control
Most of the Circles for Rice commercial growers will use a a split application of Command: part will be applied during pre-plant/pre-emergence, part will be applied during post-emergence (rice leaf stages 1-2).  This split application method should help extend its effectiveness for a longer period of time.  At rice leaf stages 4-5, most growers will probably use a combination of Propanil and Facet.  See Figure 1. for rice growth chart.

Always read a product's label use the rates that match your soil type.

Fig 1. Rice Growth Stage Chart
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