Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Circles for Rice Field Day

Last Tuesday, June 29, Valmont Irrigation and RiceTec hosted an open Field Day at Kevin Hoffman's rice field in Eagle Lake, Texas, USA.  We feel the attendance was great with around 100 total attendees.

We started the day with a luncheon at RiceTec (Eagle Lake Facility); the food was wonderful (which included rice) and the conversation rich!  We then moved to the rice field where presentations were given and the center pivot was turned on and demonstrated.

Presentation topics included:
  • Characteristics of the most effective Hybrid seed options
  • Recommended chemical and fertilizer applications to control weeds, diseases, and insects
  • Recommended irrigation scheduling and sprinkler options
  • Irrigation equipment and controls
  • Energy and water conservation
Presenters included Mr. Kelly Downing (Valmont Irrigation), Mr. Jerry Gerdes (Valmont Irrigation), Mr. Don Mooring (Valmont Irrigation), Mr. Jason Hester (Peerless Equipment, Valley Dealership), Mr. Derrol Grymes (RiceTec), and Mr. Jon Wahn (NRCS).

For the most part, the weather cooperated.  It was really hot for us Nebraskans, though we may be getting a taste of the heat this week! 

We'd like to thank RiceTec, Peerless Equipment, Kevin Hoffman, all attendees, and all Valmont staff members for their preparation and participation.  You helped make this Field Day a success!

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