Monday, March 7, 2011

Circles for Rice Update | by Jake LaRue

Another crop season is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere! Many of the Circles for Rice producers are finalizing their crop plans for their rice under center pivot fields, such as seed selection, weed control and irrigation plans.

This post includes some tips, recommendations and information to help you finalize your 2011 rice under center pivot plans.

Seed Selection | In areas where hybrid rice varieties are available, the Circles for Rice team has found the hybrids to be well worth the cost due to their increased early season vigor, excellent disease resistance and great yield potential.

Weed Control | When considering your weed control plan, take note that both the University of Missouri Delta Research Center in Portageville, MO, and the Circles for Rice team have found benefit with a split application of the pre-emergence herbicide to extend control. Apply about ½ of the normal pre-emergence rate and then plan to apply the second ½ early post-emergence.  If there is insufficient rainfall after applying the herbicide, plan to apply a light application of water (0.20 to 0.30 inches [5 to 8 mm]) with the center pivot to activate the herbicide.

Irrigation Plans | For an early season irrigation plan, and to get the rice crop to sprout,  it is recommended to plant into a moist seedbed rather than in dry soil. If the spring rainfall is insufficient, then pre-plant irrigation is recommended to establish a moist seedbed, which also may be part of the herbicide activation program. This is a distinct advantage of the center pivot – moisture control. You can apply what you want, when you want.

Discussion Box Challenge

For those readers in the Northern Hemisphere, are your planning to grow rice under a center pivot or linear this growing season?  How are your crop plans shaping up?  Have you come across any challenges and/or victories so far?  Post your stories and questions in the Discussion Box.

For those considering planting rice under a center pivot or linear, what concerns (if any) do you have?

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