Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is Valley VRI?

This spring, Valley Irrigation is focused on the introduction of the Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) product line and services offered by CropMetrics™.

VRI is a combination of hardware, software, and control features that provides ultimate precision irrigation to growers. Ideal for fields with multiple soil types and varying topography, irrigation application with VRI can be programmed to match specific field conditions.  VRI is available for center pivots.

Two applications of VRI are available:
  1. VRI Speed Control | Adjust application depth in up to 180 individual sectors in a field
  2. VRI Zone Control | Adjust the application depth in up to 5,400 different management zones in a field

In order to use VRI Speed Control or VRI Zone Control, a VRI prescription must be uploaded to the center pivot’s control panel or TrackerLT.

CropMetrics is a company that specializes in data management and writing VRI prescriptions for Valley VRI Speed Control and VRI Zone Control. For more information on CropMetrics, please visit www.cropmetrics.com.

For general VRI inquiries, please contact us at ValleyVRI@valmont.com or +1-402-359-6062.