Monday, May 20, 2013

Quickstart Intelligence: Custom-built Precision Irrigation from the Start

Originally published in Spring 2013 edition of PivotPoint.

Valley® now has a way to take the learning curve out of the equation with VRI QuickStart. QuickStart is a prescription for Speed Control, custom-developed specifically for the field the machine is irrigating. It’s uploaded into the control panel before installation on new machines, or it can be uploaded to any existing VRI control panels and TrackNET™ products.

“Basically, growers can hit the ground running with the QuickStart Prescription,” says VRI Product Manager Cole Fredrick.

  1. A Valley dealer works with the grower to determine the ideal water application across the irrigated land.
  2. Based on this information, the Valley VRI Team develops the prescription and uploads it into a new control panel before it’s shipped for installation. If it’s an existing panel, they can upload the prescription either via direct upload or TrackNET.
  3. The grower can start using VRI right away.
“We’ll load the prescription directly into the control panel, so there’s no lag time between when the control panel is installed and when the VRI is functional. We can also develop prescriptions for TrackNET products and load them wirelessly over the internet,” continues Fredrick.

From the start, growers can take full advantage of VRI technologies.


VRI Speed Control
VRI QuickStart makes VRI Speed Control available the instant the prescription is uploaded. 
Speed Control allows growers to:
  • Speed up or slow down the pivot in two-degree increments to achieve the right application depth for varying field properties and conditions
  • Use a new or existing sprinkler package
  • Use with TrackerLT or TrackerPro
  • Use the Pro2 or Select2 control panel
VRI Zone Control
Zone Control allows growers to:
  • Pulse control valves on/off along any individual management zone to achieve the right application depth for varying field conditions and properties.
  • Use on/off control for specific areas in the field that may not need water, like ditches, canals, or wet areas
  • Use a new or existing sprinkler package
  • Easy plug-and-play capability
“We have had discussions about what would make getting the benefits of VRI to growers more quickly and in an even simpler way,” explains Fredrick. “That’s where VRI QuickStart began. It’s a Valley exclusive and we think it’s going to be very beneficial for the grower.”

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