Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pride Resonates in New Ad Campaign | by Jill Zwiener

I grew up in a small farming community in Nebraska.

I watched my dad put in countless hours on the farm. His day began before the sun came up and never really seemed to end. Like all farmers, he put his heart and soul into his farm. Each field of corn was a reflection of who he was.

There was an epic sense of pride in his operation. Pride that he was taking care of the land his father farmed. Pride in each and every ear of corn he grew. And pride in the machines he purchased for his farming operation. You could see the pride in my dad’s eyes as he talked farming with his friends as they gathered around the table at the local bar for cheeseburgers.

Today, I see that same pride in the growers I meet. Times have changed, growers are managing more land and using precision technologies, but they still share the same pride and dedication, even when faced with adversity.

This pride I'm talking about comes to life in our new Valley® advertising campaign featuring growers. I hope you've had the chance to see our new print ad in your favorite agriculture publication. If you haven't, check it out below or click here to watch our TV spot.

Jill Zwiener
Brand Manager

Jill joined the Valley Irrigation team in 2011. She loves country music, fountain soda, food, college football, and the ski slopes of Colorado. She enjoys using photography to freeze the precious bits of time with her family into pictures that she can cherish for years.