Monday, February 10, 2014

Valley Is Even Better at 60 | by Kelly Cox

A lot of things are really good at 50 years, but are even better at 60. For instance, wine. Or cheese (well, that may be stretching it). The same can be said of a strong company. 

This year, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Valley® Irrigation, which has remained the leader in precision irrigation for its entire existence. Let’s reflect on a few of the many great milestones Valley has accomplished through the past 60 years:

1954 Valley introduced the first center pivot irrigation machine to the irrigation market.
1960s Valley began to hot dip galvanize their center pivots as a continuous improvement effort.
1970s The overseas markets opened a new world to Valley Irrigation, thus forming Valmont International. The first linear and corner machines were also introduced.
1980s The Valmonitor was introduced, opening doors to the remote control and management technology sector. 
1990s The Valley ControlsTM Pro Panel and Valley Controls Base Station were first introduced to the market, increasing pivot control from the panel and from home. Valley PolySpan® also made its first appearance in the ‘90s.
2000s A plethora of new technology peppered the center pivot irrigation marketplace: Valley Tracker remote communication product line; GPS Position and GPS Guidance; Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI); Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS); and BaseStation3.

To help commemorate this great achievement, as well as to help celebrate all of the milestones and thought leadership that Valley has brought to the agriculture industry over the years, we are going to be taking our social media followers behind the scenes at Valley, as well as participate in the well-known Thursday social media activity Throwback Thursday (#TBT, for those who are familiar).

Each month, we will share a new story of a Valley employee, showcasing the people behind the pivot. As they happen, we will also post about Valley employees who retire this year, sharing their story and congratulating them on their tenure at Valley Irrigation.

Each Thursday (Throwback Thursday - #TBT), we will share a historical picture that helps craft the story of Valley Irrigation. 

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Kelly Cox
Global Digital Marketing Manager

Kelly joined the Valley Irrigation Global Marketing Department in 2008. Her love of all things geek (steampunk furniture, anime, Doctor Who, and science fiction/fantasy literature, just to name a few) helped shape her appreciation for technology and the web. Kelly is a newlywed and new homeowner, where she shares her geekery with her husband. She considers herself a wine connoisseur (though, 3 buck Chuck is delicious!) and has a love of painting, dance, and singing.