Monday, June 30, 2014

Save the Mailboxes - Get our Magazine in Your Inbox Instead | by Brooke Stover

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As a marketer I should LOVE receiving direct mail, but I’ll tell you a secret, because of my living situation – I DON’T! I currently live in an apartment and that little box will only hold so much before I get a “friendly” note from the office that I should consider picking up my mail. (This may be main reason I bought a house – so the mail will come to my door!)

Because of my lack of space for mail in general, I would rather not receive it. I would much rather these items come to my email inbox where I can quickly see if it is something I am interested in and just as quickly click the trashcan button if I am not. (My current walk from physical mailbox to recycle bin is logistically impossible to navigate in one day.)

Another reason I prefer electronic communication is that I can easily refer back to the message or read it again later when I have time.

That’s just one reason why we, at Valley®, decided that it makes sense for us to offer our PivotPoint magazine to you electronically.

Technology is constantly evolving and we want to use that to your advantage by making stories about growers like you available online, on-demand, and from your tablet or computer. 

Make sure to sign up to receive your next edition of PivotPoint in your inbox. 

Your mailbox may thank you. Mine will, and so will management at my apartment complex.

Brooke Stover
Global Marketing Coordinator

Brooke has been with the Valley Irrigation Global Marketing department since 2011. She spends her free time taking pottery classes; though she thoroughly enjoys this, most of her stuff is a bit lopsided. Brooke also loves to read and listen to Frank Sinatra. She enjoys traveling and has been to 19 countries with the goal to make it to six more in the next two years!