Thursday, August 28, 2014

Valmont Irrigation Western Europe and West Africa is Beginning its European and African Tour | by Pauline Merz

That’s it, it’s done: the Valmont® Irrigation Western Europe and West Africa (WE&WA) team has scheduled its tour for the pleasure of the irrigation farmers. We are touring in support of our new products VFlex™ Corner, advanced control technologies, and the world’s longest 72 m span, as well as what has made our reputation - the  Model 8120 center pivot and the Universal Linear.

We will present in different places of the world: France (INNOVAGRI 2014- Sept 2-4 in Outarville and AQUANIDE 2014: Sept 22-24 in Saint-Pierre d’Amilly), Italy (EIMA 2014- Nov 12-16 in Bologna) and Nigeria (AGRA INNOVATE 2014: Nov 18-20 in Lagos).

These events will be a new opportunity for the Valley® brand to meet their Valley equipment users, which is always a great moment spent together to exchange experiences and discuss projects and future strategies for good and durable agricultural practices.

Not yet fond of Valley? Don’t worry! You still have time to come see it for yourself and let yourself be convinced that Valley irrigation equipment and technology are the best that you can find in the industry of mechanized irrigation.

For the organization of this tour, as always, Valmont Irrigation WE&WA team will be supported by their most faithful fans who are their professional regional dealers, without whom no tour is possible: France (Groupe Lecoq, Ets Cornet, Chesneau AgriTech; Ballanger, Billaud-Segeba, Electro’Tech Service), Italy (Agriosso, Agrostar, Consorcio) and Nigeria (SCOA).

If you need further information about the Valmont Irrigation WE&WA Tour, take a look at the following websites.
After that, you will understand why Valley is the worldwide leader in the mechanized irrigation industry. So don’t waste your time: save the dates and come to see us!

Pauline Merz
Marketing Responsible - Western Europe & West Africa

Pauline joined Valmont Irrigation in 2012. After being in charge of the French market (Spare Parts and Marketing activities), she became Marketing Responsible for Western Europe & West Africa. Native of France, Pauline has been living in Spain for 3 years. She enjoys meeting new people and discovers other cultures through their way of life. Pauline is also fond of sports such as mountain biking, trekking and tennis.