Monday, October 12, 2009

mature riceFinally I am back from travel to the Middle East!

Now what is happening with rice production under center pivots and linears:

In Brazil, Dr. Concenco reports our cooperators have almost finished with the planting of their center pivots.  In addition the research trials with Embrapa and IRGA are being finalized.

transplanting rice PakistanWhile in the Middle East I met with our cooperator from Pakistan and he is very excited about the rice under his center pivot so far.  He is confident that he is using significantly less water than on the tradition flood fields and the center pivot irrigated crop looks great.  I should mention the variety under this center pivot is Basmati.

In the US, weather has continued to be a challenge for the crop to mature and for harvest.  I should have more specifics for my next report.

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