Monday, January 25, 2010

Rice Update for Valley Center Pivots and Linears

ANTHESIS courtesy of Agroecosystems Research Group

Brazil - early planted fields are in anthesis and in general weed control looks good.  In the production fields, Dr. Concenco reports no disease pressure, but there is some blast impacting different varieties in the plots.  The last planted field is in V4.  No fields are reporting any concerns with the wheel tracks under the center pivots.   The rains slowed toward the end of the week and three fields received between 8 to 9mm of irrigation late in the week.   Soil moisture content remains very high with dificients of less than 20% in all areas.  If there are no rains, all fields will be irrigating this week.

Last, but certainly not least, let me introduce the Circles for Rice team members helping with sales efforts.  While all Valmont Irrigation Territory Managers are helping with sales, we have a a group that help specifically as part of the Rice Team.

Olivier Andre based out of Spain and travels western Africa as the Territory Manager.  Olivier has many years of experience with irrigation and developing irrigation projects.  A number of countries in which he travels have interest in irrigating rice with center pivots and/or linears due to water shortages or infrastructure challenges.

Ray Batten, based out of Texas, is the Territory Manager for California and key accounts in the U.S.   Currently, Ray is spending time studying rice production in California to see how center pivots and/or linears can fit into that market, which has some serious water challenges.  Ray owned an irrigation dealership before joining Valmont.

Sid Cameron, based out of Georgia,USA, is the Territory Manager for the southeast United States; these states produce the most rice in the country.  Sid has a wealth of experience, including working for a Valley dealership for many years before joing Valmont.  Some areas of his territory are having areas where water is becoming limited.

Philipp Schmidt-Holzmann is the Territory Manager for a group of countries in the Middle East and is based out of the United Arab Emirates.  Philipp has worked with irrigation on three continents and has many years of experience developing irrigation projects.  All of the countries he works with are facing great concern about water supplies and maintaining current levels of crop production.

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