Monday, February 8, 2010

Rice | A Growing Industry

This article by Bruce Schultz reveals both the good and bad of the agriculture industry as it stands today, but I'd like to just focus on the good.


Rice is clearly a growing industry and is being acknowledged as so globally.  The growth of this industry will help remedy the global food crisis by providing one of the most staple foods to all nations.  The U.S. recently sent over 28,000 tons of rice to Haiti in order to feed the people of a nation who experienced a great loss.

We on the Circles for Rice team would like to see this growth continue, and for that to happen, water and other resources need to be conserved.  By growing rice under center pivots and linears, not only will water and energy be conserved, but also more land will be put into production for rice.  With more land in rice production comes more crop, and therefore the ability to feed more people around the globe.