Thursday, September 9, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update

United States Harvest

Harvest information continues to come in to the Circles for Rice team as farmers collect their data.

Scott, Arkansas
A couple of week ago, we reported an overall field average of 173 bu/ac (8.3mt/ha) dry weight across a field of 137 acres (55.4 hectares). This was RiceTec hybrid Clearfield XL746. The predominant soil type is silt loam. This field had more potential, but suffered moisture stress during grain fill due to problems with wheel tracks in an area where no changes had been made to the center pivot.

Neelyville, Missouri
This field has a variety of soils ranging from silt loam to fine sand. On some of the hill tops, the preliminary yield averaged 186 bu/ac (8.9mt/ha) dry weight on a field of 37 acres (14.9 hectares). This was RiceTec hybrid Clearfield XL729. This field has considerable slopes in some areas. The nearby flooded field to the southeast of the center pivot yielded just under 200 bu/ac (9.6mt/ha)

More fields are being harvested this week and we hope to have some details next week.

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