Thursday, April 12, 2012

Soybeans After Rice | by John Robison

Dennis Robison | Missouri
Dennis Robison of southeast Missouri grew rice with a Valley center pivot on his rolling sand hills in 2010; his yield was extremely good, at 186 bu/ac. In 2011, he rotated the rice for a soybean crop, and it was the best soybean crop he had seen on the site in years. The improved soybean yield is attributed to increased organic matter and overall better soil condition, both effects from the previous year’s rice crop. “This farm has been in wheat-soybean rotation for at least a decade,” stated Dennis. “Adding rice has really helped it.” He reported a soybean yield increase of 10 bu/ac across his 40 acre field. 

Dennis is currently planting rice in this field, which he will irrigate with a Valley center pivot. We will keep you posted on his progress throughout the summer!