Monday, April 30, 2012

Wind Erosion Recommendations | by John Robison

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Hi, this is John Robison with Valmont, on-site. It's real early in the season on a pivot rice site.  It's very sandy here, and I know you can tell from looking at me that the wind is blowing quite a bit.  But, what I'm seeing around me is wind erosion.  The crop is so small, we don't actually need to irrigate it yet, but the sand is blowing everywhere and is pushing small seedlings right out of the ground.  And, we're seeing a lot of crop damage from this wind.  So, the recommendation at this point in the growing season is to run the pivot just 1/10 of an inch, not something major at all.  But, just to keep the soil in place, just to keep the root zone in place and the top soil from rushing out.  That's what I'm observing right now in the crop growing cycle, and that's my update for the week.