Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Four-Wheelers, Memories and a BIG Congrats to our Four Gator Winners! | by Jill Zwiener

Some of my best memories as a child were driving around the farm on the four-wheeler! My sisters, brother and I would take turns helping Dad. We’d hold on tight and ride with him to check the irrigation in the fields nearby. As we got older he’d let us take it for a spin ourselves! We’d drive up and down the lane surrounded by the tall, green corn and fresh smell of summer on those warm, Nebraska evenings. Those are memories I’ll always cherish! And now, I’m hoping Valley Irrigation can help four people create long-lasting memories of their own! The Valley Gator Giveaway wrapped up last month and four lucky growers won a new custom-wrapped, John Deere Gator!
David Hardy | Gator Winner

Congratulations to our Valley Gator Giveaway Winners!

Keith Kincaid
Burrton, KS

David Hardy
Fairview, MT

Nick Totzke
Baroda, MI

JR Simplot Company
Grand View, ID

Over the next month, we’ll be featuring photos, videos and a brief post about each lucky winner. And for now, we’ll leave you with a quick pic of David Hardy with his new Gator! Check back later this week to see a video of him being awarded the Gator!