Thursday, March 28, 2013

Take It From A Pro

Originally published in Spring 2013 edition of PivotPoint.

Growers who have non-computerized control panels on their irrigation machines will soon have another product to monitor and control their machines remotely - Valley TrackerPro.

TrackerPro is the newest member of the TrackNET™ family of products, providing growers the ability to monitor and manage their pivots from their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Now available, TrackerPro is compatible with both Valley and non-Valley pivot control panels. It installs easily right at the pivot point and now allows efficient and extensive monitoring and control capability for Valley Classic, ClassicPlus, and other brand non-computerized pivot control panels. 

"TrackerPro takes non-computerized pivot panels to a new level," says John Rasmus, Valley Product Manager. "The capabilities are very similar to computerized panels now. I think a lot of growers will be excited about how much easier their lives will be once they start using it."

With TrackerPro technology, growers can now add  GPS Position and other important position based functions, like end gun control, stop-in-slot (SIS), and sector programming to Valley mechanical and non-Valley control panels with TrackerPro technology.

Sector programming control is a new feature which allows the user to remotely control as many as nine different management sectors and control the amount of water applied in each sector.

With TrackerPro, growers can check on the status of their irrigation machines from their computer, tablet, or smartphone, and remotely program end guns, SIS, application depth, and load management schedules anywhere there is internet or cellular access.

Rasmus explains, "This is a powerful tool for growers who have non-computerized control panels, because they can see what's happening with their center pivots from anywhere, eliminating numerous trips out to their pivots. They have so much more control without being at the site. We're really excited about what this new product offers growers."

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