Monday, March 24, 2014

Here’s to Agriculture – National Ag Day | by Brooke Stover

National Ag Day is about appreciating the role that agriculture plays in our world today. Agriculture provides us with food, jobs, and clothing – I, for one, am very thankful for all three of these. (Life would sure be weird without them.)

When it comes to the things we rely on to live, you can’t build something out of nothing. And agriculture requires many “somethings:” hard work, dedication, knowledge, and a whole lot of other stuff that could take days to list.
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I have witnessed the hard work that goes into agriculture, whether it happens in the field or in an office. Many behind-the-scenes jobs play a role in the production of our essentials. So I think it is important that organizations bring awareness to agriculture.

Tomorrow, March 25, the Agriculture Council of America hosts National Ag Day to remind us of the contributions agriculture makes to our daily lives.

There is a lot of recognition deserved by those who fuel our lives, so here’s to agriculture and the people behind the word. They deserve thanks for their commitment to supplying the world with food, jobs, and clothing.

Interesting facts from

Lettuce is a member of the sunflower family. (This one changed my life a little, just like when I found out tomatoes are a fruit.)

Michigan and New Jersey produce 66 percent of all the blueberries in the United States, followed by North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. (As I write this, I am hoping Michigan also produces the most success in the March Madness tournament this year – that may save my bracket.)

Pasta made its way to the New World through the English who found it while traveling through Italy. The English made pasta by cooking it for about a half an hour and then smothering it with cream sauce and cheese. This was the beginning of macaroni and cheese! (Thanks for carbs, founders of the new world.)

Each American farmer feeds more than 144 people. (This one is just awesome!)

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