Thursday, March 13, 2014

Looking for the Farm Mom of the Year | by Shannon Peterson

Mom – she holds a special place in your heart. And, a special place on the farm. Often the farm mom’s deeds go unheralded. It’s time to change all that.

Nominate your favorite farm mom for the America’s Farmers Mom of the Year contest and she could win $10,000!

Prepare a brief essay about how she contributes to her family, farm, community, and agriculture. Then click here to nominate her. The deadline is March 31.

So what does a farm mom contribute? A recent Twitter contest from Americas Farmers provided some fun insight:

  • #FarmMom good cook, drives a big green tractor!
  • Sleeping on the couch to be near my 9 year old son who is sleeping on the other couch to be near his 9 day old bottle goat.
  • A #farmmom is a mom that can drive a tractor all day and popcorn and boardgames at night.
  • A #farmmom is often in competition with the "other woman", #mothernature, but knows that's ok bc there are others to feed.
  • ‏A #farmmom cares for the land like she cares for her kids-she wants the best future for both.
  • #farmmom 
    • Filthy clothes
    • Lengthy hours
    • Seeds to sow
    • Hurried showers
    • Lessons learned
    • Values taught
    • Kisses earned
    • Joy sublime!
Head over to Twitter #farmmom to read more.

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Meanwhile, the AgChat Foundation is sponsoring the Social Media Farmer of the Year Award.

This award will recognize a farmer that has “incorporated social media, digital media, and Internet strategies to achieve business objectives including growing revenue, sharing information for more effective farming practices, and overall elevating the industry.”

Farmers can nominate themselves or a colleague at here. The deadline for nominations is March 31.

Shannon Peterson
Marketing Content Editor

Shannon joined Valley Irrigation in 2013. She enjoys traveling with her family, particularly to national parks, and she occasionally writes about her travels for tourism magazines. Shannon also likes reading, trying new restaurants, seeing movies, and watching Husker football and Creighton basketball. However, she and her husband spend most of their free time chauffeuring their teenage son to activities and chasing their baby daughter.