Thursday, May 22, 2014

Valley Values – Responsive | by Matt Ondrejko

In prior posts, I have discussed three of the five pillars of what we call “Valley® Values.” Those three pillars; Reliable, Durable and Precise, are the backbone of what has made Valley the leader in precision irrigation and the best in the world. But today’s pillar – Responsive – is something that growers have come to associate with the Valley brand promise – something that comes with owning the world’s best irrigation equipment.

I could explain all the ways in which Valley equipment, our manufacturing process, and our technology are Responsive to evolving needs of growers and the demands of today’s changing world. Instead, I will focus on what truly sets us above the competition globally, our Valley dealer network.

Your Valley dealer is the one who is most Responsive to your needs, demands and urgent requests. Your Valley dealer is the one who can service a down pivot on a moment’s notice, or help you load your VRI prescription with ease and confidence. Your Valley dealer is the person beside you in the field during a drought or after a storm has caused damage, developing a plan to get your operation working as soon as possible. Your success is his success and vice versa.

We, at Valley, select and appoint our dealers with the utmost care and attention. They must be the best at what they do, they must be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you up and running, and they must bleed Valley blue! Valley dealers represent the true meaning of Responsive. We are as lucky as you to have a team of dealers that make us all successful!

The Valley dealer network = Responsive!

Matt Ondrejko

VP Global Marketing

The one word that can sum up Matt is "enthusiasm!" He likes to be on-the-go and have fun along the way. Matt loves music and the 1980s era. He is a child of the MTV generation and has a deep appreciation of all music genres (specifically, he is a huge Dave Matthews Band groupie). Matt has traveled to more than 70 countries around the world and enjoys learning about different cultures and people. He spent three years living with his family in Leuven, Belgium, trying to enjoy as many of the 700+ beers they brew there.