Monday, November 24, 2014

The Future of Agriculture at the Sunbelt Ag Expo | by Tyler Fields

Tyler with his nephew,
the "future" of ag, at Sunbelt Ag Expo.
It was just another day in paradise! That was the outlook at the Sunbelt Ag Expo this past October in south Georgia, which some (myself that is) would even say God’s country!
I love the time of year when I see young kids and older adults walking around looking at the future of agriculture. Future isn’t just the new equipment and new technology, but it is also the young kids that are growing up and learning to live that demanding life in agriculture. 

Valley Water Management (VWM) uses new, cutting-edge technology to bring sustainability to your farm. Through our Variable Frequency Drives, custom telemetry and custom-engineered pump stations we are “Conserving Resources. Improving Life.” Think about that! I believe it means that in order for farms to grow and succeed for the younger generations, we need to use less to do more.

As you go throughout your day and the rest of the year, remember that VWM can integrate multiple systems on your farm to make your work less demanding and give you more time to spend with the younger “future” generation. Contact your local Valley Dealer with additional questions.

Meanwhile, I would like to wish you and your “futures” a Happy Thanksgiving!

R. Tyler Fields
Agricultural Engineer

Tyler, an agricultural engineer specializing in land and water resources, joined Valley Water Management in April 2013. He had worked in the Valley network for many years, enabling him to work closely with the agricultural irrigation community in assessing the needs of the farm and other Ag industries. Tyler grew up on a dairy farm in south Florida and also has been involved in the daily operations of ranches and row crop farms. Working for VWM allows him to pair his education and his love for agriculture.