Thursday, November 20, 2014

Valley Irrigation Western Europe and West Africa Brings its Dealers to Dubai, UAE | by Pauline Merz

How to thank our Valley® dealers for the good job they did this year in difficult markets, the great Valley image they project to the agricultural sector, and the excellent service they provide to farmers?

These were the complicated questions that our team recently had to deal with. 

How could we possibly thank them? 1) Find a great place to go, 2) Have a perfectly professional reason to go there, and 3) Create an interesting training content … not a big deal at all!

The city of Dubai came quickly to mind: a business hub, the most populated city of the United Arab Emirates, and home to an excellent Valley factory.

One's first impression of Dubai is similar to entering a science fiction movie such as “Elysium” or the “Fifth Element”: Tall, endless buildings that take your breath away; amazing car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Hummer…. Words such as endless possibilities, service and innovation cross your mind. It was just the place we needed to be to showcase these exact values to our dealer network.

It's October 29, 8 a.m., after a three-hour night, and here we go! The first day of our 2014 sales training: 75 Europeans and Africans, all experienced mechanized irrigation professionals, ready to begin the adventure. From this point, it was an intensive two days of training on the Valley brand, products, sales and service; followed by an enthusiastic Valmont Middle East Factory tour; and a fantastic Desert Safari Tour.

Our dealers headed home with blue blood, excited for the opportunity to sell their next Valley machines. Proud to be part of the Valley family and waiting impatiently for the next Valley sales training edition! It will be tough for us to top this year’s event!

My last thought is of our Valley team. After quite a lot of stress and much time dedicated to preparing for this event, I’m unable to keep myself from thinking that it was much more than a professional training event. It was also an incredible human adventure with crazy laughs and wonderful moments spent together. We came back more united as ever, stronger and ready to begin another irrigation campaign. So guys, I just have to say “thank you and let’s continue because the show must go on.”

Enjoy this video of our adventure!

Pauline Merz
Marketing Responsible - Western Europe & West Africa

Pauline joined Valmont Irrigation in 2012. After being in charge of the French market (Spare Parts and Marketing activities), she became Marketing Responsible for Western Europe and West Africa. Native of France, Pauline has been living in Spain for three years. She enjoys meeting new people and discovering other cultures through their way of life. Pauline is also fond of sports such as mountain biking, trekking and tennis.