Thursday, May 28, 2015

Technology and Surface Water Applications | by Tyler Fields

There are places in the country where it is not feasible to drill wells for irrigation, yet these areas have plenty of surface water to use, coincidence? I think not.

The problem with surface water is that it comes in late fall through early spring, while the crop needs water in the summer. Want to solve that problem? Build a reservoir, pump into the reservoir when the water is flowing, and then pump out of the reservoir to a majestic Valley® center pivot!

Valley Water Management (VWM) specializes in working with farmers to collect surface water runoff from their farms, pumping it into a reservoir and then using it for the irrigation season.

Maybe you’ve thought about building a reservoir and lost interest because there is so much involved in that type of project. VWM can take on that burden for you. We can design the entire project, work with your local dealer, and even provide construction management and inspections. You can move onto other projects around the farm and leave the managing to us.

Building a reservoir is an added cost, but it allows irrigation to be installed in a place that hasn’t had irrigation before. And, pumping surface water reduces the demand on your pumps. Less horsepower is required because the pumps aren’t pumping from hundreds of feet below ground. Less horsepower means less energy cost, which equals to cash savings at the end of the year.

Those savings correlate to what we strive to accomplish on every project, do more with less.

Another great feature of surface water to reservoir pumping is that it can be automated based on creek or river level to pump as much water as possible without drastically dropping the water level. The automation is user configurable for different set points to ensure the water level will be sustained, while still pumping as much water as possible to fill the reservoir.

The automation allows you to live your life, whether you’re coaching your kid’s T-ball game or taking a Sunday afternoon nap, and not worry about turning pumps on or off. This option has proven to be cost-effective and optimal where ground water is not available or is too expensive.

Not all areas are ideal for surface water application, but VWM can evaluate your farm and the feasibility of building such a project. Contact your local Valley dealer and ask for VWM’s expert advice to see if the project is a fit for you!

R. Tyler Fields
Agricultural Engineer

Tyler, an agricultural engineer specializing in land and water resources, joined Valley Water Management in April 2013. He had worked in the Valley network for many years, enabling him to work closely with the agricultural irrigation community in assessing the needs of the farm and other Ag industries. Tyler grew up on a dairy farm in south Florida and also has been involved in the daily operations of ranches and row crop farms. Working for VWM allows him to pair his education and his love for agriculture.

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  1. Loving your pictures and the simple and beautiful way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!