Monday, November 30, 2009

Update on Valley rice projects

With the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States not much has happened this past week.

In Brazil the rains have continued so no irrigation with the center pivots though the tradional fields continue to require flooding. The next application of fertilizer is being done as the rain allows and weed development is being watched closely.

No update was received from Pakistan this past week.

For those of you attending the USA Rice Conference in New Orleans next week please stop and see Michelle Stolte at the Valmont Irrigation booth for the latest information on rice production under center pivots and linears. This week Jake LaRue is at the Irrigation Association Irrigation Show 2009 in San Antonio - stop by the Valmont Irrigation booth and see the latest from the Valley line.


  1. This is an interesting concept. How will this help/affect the world food crisis?

  2. The use of center pivots and linears in rice production has the potential to reduce the amount of water required, thus allowing for more rice to be produced with less water. It also has the potential to bring land into rice production that was previously not considered suitable for rice production. Both of these factors have the potential to help the world food crisis by increasing the possibility of producing more rice, which means producing more food.