Monday, November 16, 2009

World roundup - Rice under mechanized irrigation

In the U.S., the last plots should be harvested this week in Missouri.

Last week members of the rice team reviewed and soil sampled potential fields in Arkansas and Missouri to be included in the 2010 Valley field trials.

Farid Noon sent in a short report from Pakistan indicated the crop is looking okay. Still not sure how much yield loss has been caused by blast in transplanted area. Anticipate harvest starting soon.

rio grande do sulIn Brazil, Germani Concenco says the crop continues to develop and first applications of fertilizer are being applied. Rain has continued helping minimize irrigation requirements and the soil moisture sensors are indicating soil moisture depletions of 10% or less. Some fields are showing some light damage from clomazone. Germani expects the crop should rapidly recover from this.

And lastly planting started last week in the rice fields in Tanzania. We hope to be able to provide more detail on these in the coming weeks.

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