Friday, November 20, 2009

What's happened this past week with Valley pivots and linears on rice?

Rice continues to develop well in Brazil as all fields received good rains again this week.  Most of the fields are in V3 to V4 growth stage and no irrigation was required this past week.  Need to keep an eye on the development of weeds and prepare for the next application of nitrogen.  The one cooperator who usually plants some rice under flood irrigation did not plant any rice to be flooded this year due to a shortage of water.  Flooding of other rice fields in the area began two weeks ago.   Embrapa is keeping a close watch on the variety and herbicide trials under one of the cooperator's pivots. 

In Pakistan the crop is reaching maturity and all are anticipating the harvest and how it will compare with the adjacent traditional flooded fields.  All indications are the rice under the center pivot used 60% less water than the flood fields.

In the United States the Valley Rice Team continues to review potential cooperators and develop the plans for the 2010 crop.

Please stop by and visit Michelle Stolte, a team leader of the Circles for Rice project, at the Valmont Irrigation booth during the USA Rice Outlook Conference in New Orleans December 9th through 11th.

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!