Monday, February 15, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update


Rice harvest in Brazil has begun and preliminary yield reports look very promising (dry yield averages are not yet confirmed):
  • Rio Grande do Sul | veteran grower ~ 8.2 mt/ha (170 bu/ac)
  • Rio Grande do Sul | first year grower ~ 7.2 mt/ha (144 bu/ha)
We hope that once the harvest is complete, the yield for the overall field is higher than what we are already observing. The fields that were planted later in 2009 should begin harvest later this week.  Final average dry yields will be reported in the weeks to come.

One Brazilian grower has reported disappointment with the depth of his wheel tracks, which I believe stems from significant over irrigation.  However,  the grower has already indicated that he would like to plant rice again next growing season.

United States

During the past two weeks, I visited with growers in California; after speaking with several of them, I developed an appreciation for the challenges facing rice production in the state.  One rice producer near Colusa has shown interest in participating in a demonstration trial totaling approximately 5 acres.

A Valley center pivot owner in Texas has also expressed interest in a field-scale trial under part of his machine;  I will be meeting with him this week.

I will also meet with interested growers in Arkansas this week.


  1. Hello Jake

    What kind of yields are the conventional farmers in the neighbouring fields in Brazil getting?

    Cheers Ben

  2. Thank you for your question Ben and I do not have information yet on any near by flood fields. As more fields are harvested we will supply periodic updates.

    In 2009 under one pivot in Brazil the field average yield was 8,400kg/ha and their adjoining flood field yielded 9,300kg/ha while neighboring flood fields had yields ranging from about 7,900kg/ha to 8,900kgs/ha.

  3. Thanks Jake,

    I am doing a lot of development work in India and other developing countries mostly dealing with irrigation and rice.

    Have you got in mind to develop sprinkler products for small scale rice production? Small scale in India is 1-2 ha.

    Cheers ben

  4. The first trials in Brazil to prove the concept were with a pivot covering two hectares. Last year's aromatic rice trials in Pakistan were with a Valley single span pivot covering a little over two hectares. We have initiated some discussions with IRRI also about this size of equipment. Valmont recognizes the importance of the small field equipment and has many machines running in parts of Africa and China on crops other than rice.