Monday, February 22, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update

The Circles for Rice project is gaining more interest across the globe.

United States 

Last week, I discussed the project with two interested growers - one in Texas and one in Arkansas.  Additionally, one of our dealers in Missouri has received several inquiries about rice production under center pivots and linears.


A field day was held on February 19 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  Participation was good with around 80 attendees. Many speakers presented on the project, including Dr. Germani Concenco of Valmont, Dr. Herbert Arns (agronomist of Werner Arns, the veteran center pivot rice grower in Rio Grande do Sul), Mr. Parfitt from Embrapa, and Mr. Fernando Santiago of FMC.  Various other speakers also presented.

Participants had the opportunity to listen about and see the technological and conservational advancements of the rice fields since irrigating with center pivots.  Project results and published data were also shown to illustrate to the attendees how the Circles for Rice project is saving water, gaining acceptable yields, and working closely with growers.

Dr. Germani Concenco also initiated a Rice Tour on February 20.  The group visited the Brazilian Circles for Rice fields and spoke with some of the growers.