Friday, March 19, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update


Due to the rain Brazil saw this growing season, growers applied about half of the amount of water through their center pivots than the veteran grower in Uruguaiana typically applied in past seasons.

Tentative yield reports are as follows:
  • Average yield (upland rice): 3.6 mt/ha to 6.6 mt/ha
  • Average yield (lowland rice): 4.0 mt/ha to 8.1 mt/ha
  • Amount of irrigation water applied with center pivots: 240 mm to 450 mm
    • The 450 mm average appeared in areas that pre-germinated the rice due to very dry early season conditions
  • Initial quality reports: 
    • Good results under the center pivots
    • Milling scores of 59
The above data is unpublished and is subject to change.

Weed control is critical!  A combination of rapid crop emergence, early season tillering, and a good herbicide program is essential to maximize rice yields!