Thursday, March 25, 2010

World Water Week 2010

World Water Day logo.
March 21-27, 2010, is World Water Week.  This week is dedicated to recognizing the worldwide water shortage and explaining/suggesting what we as global citizens can do to help our planet in terms of resource conservation.

World Water Week is a fairly new event.  It came to be after a United Nations conference in 1992.  The planet is in what is referred to as the Water for Life Decade - 2005-2015.  During this span of time especially, it is crucial that we take a very close look at how we use our water supply and how we can conserve our usable water in every sense.  Please click here to read more about the Water for Life Decade (United Nations, 2005). 

How is the Circles for Rice Project Recognizing This Event?
The 2010 World Water Week mission statement is "Clean Water for a Healthy World."  The Valmont Irrigation Circles for Rice project is helping to complete this mission by not only conserving water, but also by helping to maintain, or better, water quality.  By producing rice under center pivots and linears, versus traditional flood irrigation methods, producers can manage and control where the water moves and situates through precise management practices.  Flooding fields creates the opposite effect - runoff puts crop nutrient and protection products into viable water sources, thereby further contaminating the source. 

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