Monday, March 29, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update


As previously stated in older weekly update posts, Brazil had a very wet 2009-2010 growing season.  Therefore, our rice fields were not irrigated as much as in past years. The graph below illustrates this observation (to view graph in its entirety, please visit the blog at

Below is the initial yield report.  Please note that Field #5 is listed three times with three different varieties (to view graph in its entirety, please visit the blog at


All rice areas continue to be wet and cool, and farmers are anxious to get into the fields!

As several of our committed Circles for Rice fields are not capable of flood irrigating, it will prove interesting how the rice develops and matures.  These specific fields have light-textured soils and good internal drainage.

If you are planting rice under a center pivot or linear:
  1. Select a variety or hybrid seed that has good early season vigor, blast resistance, and good lodging score.  Now is the time to arrange for your seed.
  2. Prepare a weed control program plan that uses a balance of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides.
  3. Because the weather is always unpredictable, make sure your center pivot or linear is ready to go!

Remember that center pivots and linears are great tools to activate herbicides and help with germination.