Monday, May 17, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update

Advanced field | four leaf stage
Even though some of the Circles for Rice fields have experienced very hard rains and flooding pre-emergence, the fields, which are located in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee, are progressing well.

Per field scouting late last week, all fields are at least 80% emerged; the most advanced field is in the four leaf stage. As wind has been a concern in some fields, the farmers have been irrigating with the center pivots to help minimize wind erosion and damage to the young rice plants. Several growers have applied light applications of crop nutrient products to help push their crop along after the heavy rains.

Several of the earlier planted fields have already seen their second application of herbicides.  Though most growers are using are using a combination based around either Command or Prowl, herbicide combinations and applications have varied. Combinations depend upon soil type, what has already been applied, and perceived weed pressure.

As we continue to irrigate, we need to be careful not to exceed the soil's ability to take water, as shown in the video clip below. Most fields have very good soil moisture 2 inches and deeper, but, in the current root zone, some fields are approaching 25% depletion.

Questions about herbicides, soil qualities, or the project in general? Ask away!