Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rice Blogs Becoming More Prevalent

The social media aspect of agriculture is continuously growing.  The existence of our blog helps to prove that!  As it turns out, the Circles for Rice blog isn't completely one-of-a-kind (in terms of blogging about rice), but we really didn't expect it to be.  People blog about whatever they want, including rice production.

Carroll Smith, editor of the publication Rice Farming, recently developed a blog about her personal, on-the-job experiences.  (  The blog is informal, yet still informational, which makes it a pleasure to follow.  Carroll recently wrote an article about the booming rice blogging world, which included information about both hers and others' blogs.

The article "Spreading the Word: Informal blogs bring rice perspective from field to screen" can be found here: (April 2010, Rice Farming).  It brings attention to the fact that communicating with others about a common interest, including ag-related topics, isn't just limited to face-to-face or over-the-phone interaction.  I'm not suggesting that you stop visiting your neighbors/friends/colleagues, just that we should all be aware of the evolving communication strategies that surround our cultures.

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Until next time!