Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Circles for Rice | Weekly Update

United States

The rice under the center pivots continues to develop well.  Currently, the growth stages range from 2 leaf to 5 leaf (first tiller).  Most fields have received nitrogen, either dry Urea or 28% liquid.  Most growers are using the center pivots to apply the 28% liquid nitrogen; in most cases, the application includes sulfur.

In the past week, rainfall varied from approximately 1/2" to 2".

While soil moisture is excellent at 2" and deeper, most of the center pivots have been operating and applying between .15" and .30" per circle in order to maintain adequate moisture around the root systems. Below is an example of the soil moisture sensors for one field, which is in 4 leaf stage.  Please note that we are beginning to see the soil moisture sensor at 4" show some depletion (blue line).

As we scout closely for weeds, we observe that the herbicide applications are doing their job well.  The Circles for Rice team rates weed control as excellent overall.

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