Monday, March 18, 2013

A Grower Meeting in...Siberia??? | by Cole Fredrick

Crazy snow I drove in
Alright, so we all know I wasn’t in Siberia the other day, it just felt like it! I was asked to present at a Valley dealer's annual open house (K&T Irrigation) in Fargo, ND. I thought this sounded like a good opportunity to get out of the office, so I gladly accepted and decided to make a road trip on up there. It’s about a 6-hour drive, in good weather… Unfortunately, the weather was rather distasteful. There had been some snow on the ground. Really light, powdery snow. When you mix this with 30-40 mph hour winds, you can get the picture….

On the plus side, I was able to make it to Fargo safe and sound! When I arrived there, I was quite pleased to see a group of 50 growers listening intently to Mike Boyd, one of our Territory Managers. Mike was doing an excellent job explaining the Valley line of products and what we had to offer. He finished off speaking about some of the new technology that we are releasing, as well as the technology we are working on. This brought the attention to myself. I was very pleased to speak about Valley VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) and the advances we have made with the product. The overall attention of the crowd was excellent with the growers learning about the new technologies and really wanting to move forward with new products.

Meetings like these always help to appreciate the job a little bit more. Now if only I can stay away from blizzards…

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