Friday, March 8, 2013

Center Pivot Irrigation is Key: My Experience at Mid-South Farm and Gin Show 2013 | by Cole Fredrick

Hopefully you had a chance to attend the 2013 Mid-South Farm and Gin Show on March 1st and 2nd in Memphis, TN. This was another indoor trade show held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center. If you got a chance to attend, you certainly heard about ginners! With cotton being one of the main commodities in the southern states, I learned quite a bit about the cotton industry and the equipment used! Obviously, being from Nebraska, it was an eye opener. The one thing I did learn quickly is that center pivot irrigation is still key to making profits in the industry.

As you were walking around the show, you would notice the huge cotton pickers on display along with all the other machinery and equipment. You would also have heard names being called out for the cash drawings they had throughout the day (I never heard my name). 

Of course, if you were down in Memphis, you better have some BBQ! It was great to have Corky’s right there with a place set up! I must recommend the BBQ nachos, delicious!

If you get a chance, mark your calendars for next year, as I guarantee the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show will again be a success!

P.S. Make sure you make a stop on Beale St. and, although in an alley, Rendezvous is the place for ribs!?